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If you really seek for 2 wives or more in your family, then 2Wives.com is the real place for you!

2Wives.com is a non-religious site for good people
seeking polygamy (or, more specifically, polygyny).

This is not the site for you if you are looking for
polyandry   ("multiple husbands"),
polyamory   ("multiple loves"),
dishonest bigamy   ("secret marriages without wives knowing")
or non-committed relationships.

This is only about totally-committed marriage of a husband with 2 wives or more, where all the wives agree 100%.

Proven. 2Wives.com is the only successful web-site with Verified REAL Single Women Seeking polygyny.

Trust. 2Wives.com is the only personals site that is trusted by the known REAL pro-polygamy community.

Experienced. 2Wives.com has polygyny-experienced wives personally helping new Single Women.

Safe. Anti-polygamy fakers & stalkers overwhelm freebie sites, but 2Wives.com keeps Members safe.

Polygamy Rights. Only 2Wives.com provides the Pro-Polygamy Passports ™ funding the fight for freedom.

Pictures. Every Single Woman's Ad has a PIC, to further prove to Members that the women's ads are real.

Current. No out-dated Ads. When a paid Membership is cancelled & ended, that Member's Ad is also deleted.

Choices. Members may choose to not create an Ad, or to not order a PIC if they do choose to have an Ad.

Private. Real polygyny-seekers value their privacy. Only the 2Wives.com system protects privacy.

Non-public. All Ads in the Members segment are truly 100% private, never visible to anyone but other Members.

Uncluttered. 2Wives.com has only personal ads - no annoying distractions of any other advertising.

Original. 2Wives.com uses its own site design, not the common copycat $5 "osDate" personals site script.

Dedicated. 2Wives.com is not a "dating network" business owning any other type of personals sites for profit.

Real. As freebie fakers & anti-polygamists are eliminated, the 2Wives.com Members are proven REAL.

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2Wives.com is the original. The oldest. The most experienced. The only one trusted.

Many wannabe-sites try to copy us, but they never succeed.

All other wannabe-sites just don't understand real polygamy personals, the real community, or about what is really important to us. They are definitely not committed to supporting the fight for freedom of YOU and YOUR polygamy rights.

Because 2Wives.com is the only personals site committed to YOU and to YOUR polygamy rights, our Members have always known that 2Wives.com is the best and only real polygamy personals site on the internet! We're the only polygamy personals site you can trust to be truly committed to YOU and YOUR polygamy freedom!

Undoubtedly, 2Wives.com is the only safe place for real Single Women Seeking polygyny to ever place an ad on the internet. Because of our exclusive and systematic verification process, that's why we make it easy for Single Women to CLICK HERE to apply for placing their Ad at 2Wives.com. For all others....

BEWARE!    WHEN CONSIDERING A POLYGAMY PERSONALS SITE   -   Almost all other polygamy personals sites are usually nothing more than a one-man webmaster looking to find wives for himself by posing as a polygamy personals site. It has been done over and over again. Also, we have seen the occasional "dating network" business - non-polygamous entrepreneurs who know nothing about polygamy - come in and try to profit off our polygamy rights community. Whether one-man webmaster or "dating network" business, just because they downloaded a common $5 "osDate" personals site script for their web-site (or any equivalent), that does not mean they know how to serve polygamy personals ads. They don't. More committed to their own interests, the wannabe-site owners are not genuinely committed to YOU or to YOUR polygamy freedom. If they display your "member's" ad to the public but say they "protect your privacy," they are outright lying to you. If their wannabe-site lets you create an ad without proving yourself, then they are a still a freebie-site for fake ads, even if they later try to charge you for upgraded membership. If their Single Woman's section is filled with numerous ads of mostly no pictures or numerous "supermodel" pictures, they are stuffing their wannabe-site with fake ads to con you. Don't let them fool you! At best, any of these other wannabe-sites could utterly waste your time. At worst, they will endanger your very security and privacy if you use them. That is why it is so important that, before you consider using any polygamy personals site, you must make sure that the site has proven that their site is committed to - and supported by - the real polygamy rights community as a whole. If any polygamy personals site cannot provide you with a Pro-Polygamy Passport ™, then they have not yet proven their commitment to YOUR polygamy rights. And if they charge you money, search the internet for the name through whom you would be paying, to see if the real polygamy rights movement has recognized that name. If not, do not spend your money there at all! For all these reasons, that's why 2Wives.com - overwhelmingly & hands-down - is the only successful and trusted polygamy personals site on the internet.

2Wives.com is an Approved Site
by the
National Polygamy Advocate ™   Mark Henkel

2Wives.com recommends these three speeches as

Lessons for Polygamous Men

"The Power of
Attracting Woman's Choice"

Lesson 1
  -   Adopt this "secret power" to strengthen your family with the power of heart-filled, self-willed attraction.

"My First & Legal Wife is a
Wonderful Woman"

Lesson 2
  -   Make sure that you can talk about your first wife this edifyingly, or you will not be ready for more.

"Gotta Make Them Happy
(Polygamy is NOT Easy for the Guy!)"

Lesson 3
  -   Be vigilant to try to make each woman happy by being as loving, committed, and helpful as you can be.

If you are looking for even more helpful lessons,
we strongly recommend watching this speech, too:
"History & Importance of Love-Not-Force."

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