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When new single women's ads are posted in the Members segment, the ads are placed in a special location inside the Members segment of the web-site for about 2 weeks.

An email is then sent out to all whose addresses are on the special Members "First Look" Email LIST. The special email notification provides the special location URL of the newest single women's ads. Being on that email list lets you have the "first look" at the newest ads before anyone else does --including other Members (if they have not also signed up for this list)!

After about 2 weeks, the ads are then placed in the main area in the Members segment, for all Members to view from then onward.

ADs of Swingle Women Seeking [SWS] are
never posted in the Public segment of 2Wives.com.

If you want to be among the first to see the ads when they are first posted inside the Members segment, you will need to be on the list. Even if you become a Member, if you are not on the list, you will not be able to see these first. (For all Members who are willing to wait, though, all Members will eventually be able to see the newest single women's ads in about 2 weeks after initial posting.)

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Are YOU a Single Woman Seeking (SWS) polygyny? Join HERE for FREE!


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