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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ, Last Updated: August 6, 2014

How does 2Wives.com work?
First off, forget everything you ever knew about "dating sites." Those concepts are NOT how to use 2Wives.com. Instead, to have a successful 2Wives.com Experience, you will want to ever be ready for each time when new Single Women Ads get posted to the MEMBERS Segment. (Remember: There are NO Single Women's Ads in the PUBLIC Segment.)

In order to maximize your possibilities for success, we recommend the following steps:

  1. JOIN US so that you may access to the MEMBERS Segment (especially the Single Women's ads).

  2. OPTIONAL - Create an AD in the applicable section of the MEMBERS Segment.

  3. OPTIONAL - If you do create an Ad, ORDER A PICTURE for it.

  4. OPTIONAL - Order the subscription to the "FIRST LOOK" Email List (to have access to the new SWS ads for two weeks before other members).

  5. After reading the "Do's and Don'ts", send personalized introduction-messages to your choice of the Single Women. We recommend limiting the messages you send to no more than two or three different Single Women on any one day.
   -- NOTE: Items #2, 3, ands 4 are OPTIONAL. Even though we recommend doing them too, some Members still choose not to do these, as well.

For your success, please keep this in mind: 2Wives.com is not so much about YOUR ad. It is about your having access to the ads of the VERIFIED REAL Single Women Seeking polygyny. It is about you always being ready to contact each new Single Woman Seeking polygyny when we post THEIR ad in the MEMBERS Segment. If you are not a member, you can not do that. But that is easily solved: JOIN US TODAY!

Why don't many people have ads in the PUBLIC Segment?
There are some very big reasons, acually.

  1. First, the effective way to use 2Wives.com successfully is "all about" being ready to message new Single Women when their new ads are posted in the MEMBERS Segment. Please see How does 2Wives.com Work? in this FAQ.

  2. Second, while some pro-polygamists have the freedom to "be public," the vast majority of most pro-polygamists have to take their privacy very seriously and they do not want the "whole internet" too see them advertising.

  3. Third, because the Single Women feel safer by only having their own ads in the MEMBERS Segment, they also feel additionally safer knowing that anyone contacting them has substantially proven that they are committed to being polygamous enough to actually be a paying member of 2Wives.com. (That is, Single Women have the proof that such Members have "put ther money where their mouth is," which protects the Single Women from people who are less committed, or are not committed, or are even hostile to polygamy.) This is also why "freebie" personals sites are just too dangerous for most verifiable real Single Women Seeking polygny to ever trust, which (of course) makes 2Wives.com that much better for such women!

  4. Fourth, most people who choose to create an ad in the PUBLIC Segment can only do so as long as they at least have their own Pro-Polygamy Passport ™ email address. That means that even they are already paying at least $5 a month (not through 2Wives.com) just to have that special forwarding Email Address @ Pro-Polygamy.NET. Hence, anyone else without such a Pro-Polygamy Passport ™ is still not yet able to create an ad anyway. (This protects anyone who chooses to email a message to an ad in the PUBLIC Segment, as this system eliminates fakers, stalkers, and and even anti-polygamists from creating ads at 2Wives.com.) Obviously, this vastly reduces the number of ads in the PUBLIC Segment that might otherwise be created.

  5. Fifth, unlike any ads in the MEMBERS Segment (where even other Members can not see anyone else's Pro-Polygamy Passport ™), all ads in the PUBLIC Segment do openly display each ad's own Email Address @ Pro-Polygamy.NET. Being viewable to the "whole internet" makes them potentially vulnerable to spam too.
Yes, there are some very brave souls who DO choose to create their own ADS in the PUBLIC Segment; and, 2Wives.com is very happy to provide the opportunity for such courageous ones to do so! But their doing so is not representative of how 2Wives.com works. The most successful way to benefit from 2Wives.com is to be able to contact the Single Women in the MEMBERS Segment, each time that new SWS ads are posted! JOIN US today!

Where are the Single Women's Ads?
Single Women's Ads are only in the Members Segment. You must be a 2Wives.com Member in order to have access to their particular ads.

How many Single Women's Ads are there?
We have a huge number of Single Women's Ads - dozens even, at any given time. (We do not give out details any more specific than that.) You may have confidence in knowing that we really do have numerous Ads of pre-screened and personally-verified Single Women who are actively seeking polygyny.

Are the Single Women's Ads real and verified?
Yes. That's what makes 2Wives.com the only valuable personals site to find single women seeking polygyny online. With our very special and exclusive 2Wives.com screening system, we are able to humanly verify all new Single Women Ad requests. This very effectively weeds out the "men pretending to be women" and other fakers, which are otherwise all too common a distraction for people seeking to polygynously expand their families. We would rather post no new Single Women Ads than post a fake one, because we are committed to the 2Wives.com Members! We make these extra special efforts in order to ensure that Members may only spend time viewing Ads of proven, confirmed, and verified single women who are truly seeking polygyny.

How often are NEW Single Women's Ads posted?
It varies. As they say, it's frequently either "Feast or Famine." (And, no, we are not suggesting the silliness that any of us would be "feasting on wives!" We only use this common "Feast or Famine" phrase in order to quickly communicate a simple point.) While there may be occasional periods of no NEW Single Women Ads, the previously-posted Ads remain available at those times too, of course. But yes, it is true that, every once in awhile, there can be a "famine period" of no NEW Single Women Ads. Back in 2004, for example, we went about four months with no NEW Single Women Ads. Excitingly, though, that period was then followed by a "feast period!" We had NEW Single Women Ads posted every month for several months in a row! So, really, you just never know when it's going to be "feast or famine." This all explains why those who really succeed at 2Wives.com are the ones who are "in it for the long-term" - in the same way as marriage is a long-term commitment, of course. It's also why we recommend that all 2Wives.com Members really should "stick it out" for at least 1 year (if not 2 years) if they truly want to get the most value from their 2Wives.com Membership.

What's happening when no NEW Single Women's Ads are being posted?
Occasionally, it might seem as though nothing is "going on" for a temporary period of time at 2Wives.com. An example of this kind of situation might occur when no NEW Single Women Ads have recently been posted. But even then, 2Wives.com really is still very busy. It's just that the work is being done "behind the scenes," working hard for all the 2Wives.com Members. For example, we are sometimes quite inundated with fake "Single Women Ad Requests." When such fake requests occur, we are actively at work, using our exclusive process of pre-screening those numerous requests. Yet, because it turns out that the fake requests were from fakers who failed the exclusive 2Wives.com pre-screening and verification process, their would-be ads are NOT posted. When that happens, our refusal to NOT post the faker ads is just as valuable to 2Wives.com Members as when we do post genuine and legitimate NEW Single Women Ads. So, even when it might outwardly seem as if nothing is "going on" for awhile, 2Wives.com Members may always be assured that we are, absolutely, hard at work to serve and provide the best value for all 2Wives.com Members!

How valuable are the Single Women's Ads that are NOT NEW?
VERY valuable! All the Ads are valuable. It does not matter how long a Single Woman's Ad has been at 2Wives.com. At most, it means that she has not yet found that family that is best for her. But, more simply, perhaps it just means that she has been waiting all this time (before you joined) for you to finally become a 2Wives.com Member so that she could finally meet you? If it was meant to be that she and you would become a family, then she was rightly waiting all that time to finally meet you! And if not, she's rightly waiting for that future Member. Either way, it's a long-term issue, just as marriage is a long-term commitment. That's the kind of positive long-term commitment that guarantees greater possibility for success at 2Wives.com. So, clearly, every Single Woman's Ad is valuable - regardless of how long it has been posted.

I'm a Single Woman, how do I place an Ad?
Single Women are treated with very special care here at 2Wives.com. We even offer completely FREE Membership for Single Women who place Ads. For Single Women who place Ads, there is no charge for Membership, no charge for the picture, no charge at all.
Click here for how to place a Single Woman's Ad.

I'm a Single Woman, if I place an Ad, will I be able to cancel later?
Yes. We would be in contact with you from the beginning of your FREE 2Wives.com Membership and ad-placement. At that time, you will clearly know how and who to contact about cancelling. However, because you will be receiving a 2Wives.com Membership for FREE, you must be willing to keep your Ad for at least 3 months. If you are not willing to make that commitment, then 2Wives.com is not really the site for you, anyway.

I'm a Single Woman, may I join without placing an Ad?
Yes, you may become a 2Wives.com Member as a "Non-Advertising Single Woman." However, in such case, your Membership will NOT be free. In such a case, you would join in the same way as all other Members - by paying for it. Once you become a fully-paid "Non-Advertising Single Woman" 2Wives.com Member, you will be free to respond to any of the Members' Ads of Married Famailes and Single Men. But you will not be able to place an Ad yourself. Of course, if you later decide that you would like to place an Ad too, then you may follow the standard procedure to do so. (Click here for how to place a Single Woman's Ad.) However, if you do make that choice later, there will be no refund of your previously paid-for 2Wives.com Membership. (In such case, you would simply discontinue that paid-for Membership and go forward with a FREE Membership for as long as you keep your Ad.)

I'm a Single Woman, am I legally responsible for the content of my Ad-text and PIC?
Yes. when you submit your Ad-text and PIC to 2Wives.com, you completely indemnify 2Wives.com of any and/or all legal or criminal consequences that could arise from what you chose to submit to 2Wives.com. By submitting your Ad-text and PIC to 2Wives.com, you expressly declare that you are legally authorized and fully liable to submit those items and you expressly declare that nothing is illegal in what you have submitted to 2Wives.com.

I'm a Single Woman, may I submit a PIC that was taken before I was 18 years old?
No. Any PIC that you submit to 2Wives.com must have been taken no earlier than on the date of your 18th birthday. Any PIC that you submit to 2Wives.com must have been taken in a normal context of you as an adult. This means that you will not submit to 2Wives.com any PIC that is, for example, in a "school-age" context. For example, any PIC that is prom-related, cheerleader-oriented, related to school athletics, in front of school-related buildings/items, etc, may not be submitted. In other words, the PIC you submit must present yourself as an adult. Accordingly, when you submit your PIC to 2Wives.com, you thereby expressly declare that your PIC was taken in an adult context and that it was taken no earlier than on your 18th birthday.

If I place an Ad as a Single Woman, do I have to be born-biologically-female?
Yes. Although 2Wives.com is a politically-neutral site, and because the Members here are expressly seeking real and verified female Single Women Seeking polygyny, we are not in any position to serve otherwise. To place an Ad at 2Wives.com as a Single Woman with a FREE Membership, you are expressly declaring that you are a born-biologically-female woman. If this is not a correct fact about your born-original biological body, then you could be bearing financial liability and other financial consequences for thereby declaring a falsehood in a breach of this agreement. However, if you are not a born-biologically-female single woman, you are still welcome to pay for your Membership and you may do so by clicking this button to start the process to

What are the rates at 2Wives.com?
Public Segment - Browsing - FREE for everyone
Public Segment - Placing Ad - FREE (at 2Wives.com), but
                               requires Email Address @ Pro-Polygamy.net
Members Segment - Browsing - Membership*
Members Segment - Placing Ad - Membership*
                               NOTE: All Memberships ordered prior to 9:00 am PST, 04/26/04, also
                               require Email Address @ Pro-Polygamy.net
                               Such Members may cancel past Memberships to obtain the NEW rates.

Ordering Pictures - $9.95/quarter (i.e., every 3 months)
Email List - Membership*, plus $2.00/mo.

* - Click this button for Membership rates.

Did the rates for Membership at 2Wives.com recently change?
The last time that prices at 2Wives.com changed was at 9:00 am PST, April 26, 2004 ---for the better! 2Wives.com has obtained a newly available and more cost-efficient payment processing system. This is a new service made available to us from the the polygamy webhosting server/provider, which receives, secures, and processes the money matters on behalf of 2Wives.com. As a result of increased cost-savings, 2Wives.com is now able to offer more bang for the buck! For example, new 2Wives.com Members now also obtain an email address @ Pro-Polygamy.NET included with their Memberships. Due to the increased security protection, we now are able to also offer 6-month Memberships ---which means even more savings! Truly, the combination of Membership and a Pro-Polygamy Passport ™ for all new Members equals a good value less than the previous combined rates! Because the polygamy webhost's new service has helped us save money with this far better payment processing system, we are glad to pass the savings on to Members --to YOU!

Why should I become a Member?
For many reasons! Such as...
1) ACCESS!    It gives you access to the Single Women's Ads.
2) PRIVACY!    Hide your email address.
3) SECURITY!    Technical tools applied to demotivate hostile ad-repliers.
4) FILTER!    A "bad words" filter on all incoming messages to your Member Ad.
And more!

Click this button to become a Member.

Why should I remain a Member for at least 1 year (if not 2 years)?
In order to maximize the real value of a 2Wives.com Membership, it is strongly recommended that Members "stick it out" for at least one year, if not two years. Truly, joining for only one month is simply not long enough to fully understand how 2Wives.com can work for you. You will want to read the two other sections in this FAQ, titled,
"How often are new Single Women's Ads posted?"
"What's happening when no NEW Single Women's Ads are being posted?"
As those explain, there are sometimes short "Famine" periods where no NEW Single Women Ads are being posted (and yes, we are still quite busy "behind the scenes" at those times too). But then those periods of time can be followed later by "Feast" periods with numerous NEW Single Women Ads being posted frequently. Anyone who joins during a temporary "Famine" period, but then quits too soon, would then miss out on the subsequent "Feast" period. By not applying a long-term perspective on their 2Wives.com Membership, such ones would have self-deprived themselves of maximum value of their 2Wives.com Membership. That is why we genuinely encourage all Members to seriously take the long-term view. After all, as marriage is a long-term commitment. Plus, polygynous marriage requires an even greater amount of long-term commitment. So, it just makes sense that the value of a 2Wives.com Membership is truly maximized with that same kind of long-term commitment. To start to maximize that value, we recommend that Members order their Membership in 6-month renewals and then "stick it out" for at least one year - if not 2 years or longer!

Click this button to become a Member.

Does 2Wives.com use the money for "Polygamy Rights" or just profit?
2Wives.com is indeed all about serving all Members and raising money to fight the battle for "Polygamy Rights." By the very act of joining, each 2Wives.com Member obviously proves that they have a direct interest in having the "Polygamy Rights" battle succeed. 2Wives.com raises money for that specific purpose. Truly, not one dollar ever spent by any 2Wives.com Member has ever been a "wasted expense" for them -- even for any former Member who quit without finding another wife. 2Wives.com is not a mere entrepreneurial effort to extract money from Members. 2Wives.com uses the money for only three ways.
1.) To cover all expenses, resources, and labor as needed to serve the 2Wives.com Membership to our best ability.
2.) To assist the Pro-Polygamy Cause by supporting all 2Wives.com Members having their own "Pro-Polygamy Passport ™" with their Memberships.
3.) To use all "net profit" to support, finance, and pay for the labor and expertise in the very real political fight for "Polygamy Rights."

Is 2Wives.com politically conservative or liberal?
Neither. 2Wives.com itself is politically neutral. This is a place for everyone, whether conservative, liberal, moderate, unsure, or apathetic. Anyone may be involved at this site as long as they are polygynously "pro-polygamy" and are not hostile or cruel against women. While 2Wives.com does support such things as the professionalism of the writing for the polygamy media site, Pro-Polygamy.com, 2Wives.com simply supports that other site's efforts for strategic reasons. (Also, any interested 2Wives.com Members may use their 2Wives.com Member email address @ Pro-Polygamy.NET to sign up for the free Pro-Polygamy Supporters' NOTICES List there at Pro-Polygamy.com. By creating those special email addresses for each new Member, which may then be used in ways such as that list, this is another way that 2Wives.com helps the "Polygamy Rights" battle and further empowers 2Wives.com Members with more value for their Membership.) But 2Wives.com supports that other site's efforts for strategic reasons. Mostly, it does not require much rhetoric to motivate political liberals to accept that "tolerance" ideology requires the acceptance and tolerance of "consenting-adult polygamy." Therefore, when it comes to succeeding in the battle for "Polygamy Rights," the real "fight" is in successfully persuading political conservatives of that too. When that latter group is persuaded, then "Polygamy Rights" will quickly occur. The polygamy media site, Pro-Polygamy.com, accomplishes that strategic objective because it does take a decidedly more conservative perspective. Even the most liberal Members of 2Wives.com can gladly recognize the "Polygamy Rights" value in supporting a more conservative site successfully persuading political conservatives about polygamy - even if such liberal Members do not agree with all of that other site's conservative-based argumentations. To succeed in the battle for "Polygamy Rights," these are the reasons why 2Wives.com supports that site's efforts. But such stragegic support does not mean that 2Wives.com itself is conservative. No, 2Wives.com itself is politically neutral, a place for all Members of just about any political background.

Is 2Wives.com pro-homosexual or for "gay rights?"
2Wives.com is neutral and has nothing to do with such things either way. It is true that any of the rare but occasional Ads which might seek to graphically refer to "bisexual wives" are to be edited. 2Wives.com advocates limiting those discussions of that physical aspect to subsequent off-ad correspondence between the personal advertisers and their ad-repliers - but not for being graphically written in the Ads themselves. The reason for that is because 2Wives.com has no intention of being "caught in the middle" in a battle between advertisers who do support such physical relationship ideas vs. other advertisers or Members who adamantly oppose such things. Indeed, since an overwhelming majority of polygynous "pro-polygamists" tend to come from committed religious backgrounds, many of such ones would find such things offensive and would not even be willing to advertise if they saw such graphic or physical things being described in ads, including "bisexual" matters. 2Wives.com therefore seeks to refrain from that debate altogether. This approach allows both sides of that issue to feel comfortable in placing Ads with no offense occurring for either. As for the politics of "gay rights," though, 2Wives.com takes no position. The only position of 2Wives.com is the neutral hope and support for the freedom of "polygamy rights."

Is 2Wives.com anti-Mormon, anti-Muslim, anti-Christian, or against any other religion?
None of the above. 2Wives.com is religiously neutral. This is a place for every compassionate religion, whether Christian, Mormon, Muslim, or any other religion. Regardless of one's religion, anyone may be involved at this site as long as they are polygynously "pro-polygamy" and are not hostile or cruel against women. No, 2Wives.com is religiously neutral, a place for all Members of any religious background.

"Are Mormons Christians?" What is 2Wives.com's position?
2Wives.com is neutral on the debate. It is understood that Mormons believe they are Christians. It is equally understood that non-Mormons who are Christians equally do not believe that Mormons are Christians. 2Wives.com is about POLYGAMY. The issue is not about Mormons and Christians. Instead, the issue at 2Wives.com is about Mormon Polygamists and Christian Polygamists. Regardless of whether or not Mormons are Christians, the fact is that Mormon Polygamists are not the same as Christian Polygamists. Everyone needs to remember that the media often frequents the 2Wives.com site. The anti-polygamist "mainstream Mormon" LDS want the media to wrongly say that Mormon Polygamists are not Mormon. That means that the anti-polygamist "mainstream Mormon" LDS wrongly want the media to intentionally confuse actual Mormon Polygamists with Christian Polygamists. That intended confusion advanced by the LDS interferes with the fight for polygamy rights for everyone, especially for those who are not Mormon Polygamists. 2Wives.com does not support that deception that misleads the media. Mormon Polygamists believe in polygamy based on Mormon Principles and Scriptures. Christian Polygamists believe in polygamy based on the Bible and Love-not-Force, while they reject all Doctrines and Scriptures from Mormonism. So, we repeat: 2Wives.com is not involved either way in the debate as to whether Mormons are Christians or not. Instead, 2Wives.com only supports the clarity of the two-word definitions. Mormon Polygamists are not the same as Christian Polygamists. Each of those differing types of polygamists have their own histories and understandings. As such, no one may use 2Wives.com to further confuse the media about these differences. No one may use 2Wives.com as a political soapbox to say that Mormons are Christians or not Christians. 2Wives.com is here for personal ads for everyone seeking their own type of consenting-adult polygamy. All forms need to feel comfortable placing ads at 2Wives.com, knowing that others are not confusing them with things they are not. So, the neutral solution is simple. Mormon Polygamists who believe Mormon doctrines may simply present themselves as Mormon Polygamists. Christian Polygamists who reject Mormon doctrines may simply present themselves as Christian Polygamists. With this neutral policy, both Mormon Polygamists and Christian Polygamists can feel completely comfortable with placing their own ads at 2Wives.com. And this way, 2Wives.com remains neutral.

Does 2Wives.com allow ads of all races and ethnicities?
Absolutely. We have ads of people of any race and ethnic background, whether they are Married Familes, Single Men, or Single Women. All are welcome, as long as you support consenting-adult polygamy rights and insist on all wives giving their full, uncoerced consent to being a polygamous family.

I've become a Member, so why do I need to join the Members' FIRST LOOK List?
You will be notified immediately of the newest postings of Single Women's Ads. You will be able to see and to reply to those specific Ads for about 2 weeks before any other Members who are not on the list. For those two weeks only, you will even have access to the actual email addresses of those Single Women. (When the new Ads are moved to the main part with the other Single Women's Ads, those email addresses will no longer be available to anyone.) Because you are able to be among the very first to email any response to such new Single Women's Ads, that will show such women that you are among the most committed to plural marriage (when in conjunction with your having your own Ad for her to see and to learn more about you). If you are already a Member, be sure to Join the Members' FIRST LOOK Email List today!

I've become a Member, so why do I need an Ad?
Plural marriage is about commitment. When responding to Single Women's Ads in the MEMBERS Segment, if you have placed an Ad at 2Wives.com, you have an "edge" over everyone else who does not have an Ad. The Single Women in the Ads will be able to know more about you more quickly. They will also see that you are far more committed to plural marriage than others who do not have an Ad at 2Wives.com. From the Single Women's points of view, THEY have an Ad for YOU to see... so they wonder why YOU are not as committed to plural marriage as they are! (Also, when replying to a Single Woman's Ad, if you send her an URL of a "profile" on some web-site other than 2Wives.com, you are actually telling the Single Woman that you absolutely do not support polygamy at all, which can scare her away immediately. It also would tell her that you do not care about those who try to help you, such as this web-site, 2Wives.com. Certainly, this is not a mistake anyone wants to make, for sure! Plus, doing so is grounds for Membership termination without refund.) While you do not have to have an Ad, not having one can put you at a disadvantage to others who do have an Ad.

Is my Members LOG-IN Password the same as my Ad Profile Password?
No. For logging in to the Members Segment, you use the UserName & Password which you received when you became a 2Wives.com Member. When you first create your Ad Profile, you enter your Email Address @ Pro-Polygamy.net and choose whatever password you want to use for your (Ad Profile) Password. That will then allow you to fill the contents of your Ad Profile. When all set, you then approve your newly-created Ad Profile. It will add your new Ad Profile to the system and will send you an email with your Ad Profile password. (Save that email for your records.)

Does the number of Ads I see show how many 2Wives.com Members there are?
No, not at all. While those who do place ads will obtain better results, it is not a requirement to do so. For most Members, the biggest value of their 2Wives.com Membership is simply being able to contact the Single Women Ads. In such cases, because such Members are not interested in being contacted through having their own Ad, they simply do not place any Ad at all. Of course, such Members will and do miss out on being contacted by Non-Advertising Single Women, but that choice is each Member's prerogative. Since a vast number of 2Wives.com Members do make that choice to not have an Ad, the number of Married Families' or Single Men's Ads which DO appear (in either the PUBLIC or MEMBERS Segments) is significantly and dramatically less than the actual number of 2Wives.com Members.

Why do I need an Email Address @ Pro-Polygamy.net?
1.) Anyone who seeks to have another wife in a family must be both mature enough and responsible enough to know that the Pro-Polygamy Cause must be supported. Supporting the Pro-Polygamy Cause supports the interests of anyone seeking plural marriage. Anyone who makes excuses, though, is obviously not serious about the required responsibilities of 2 wives or more in their family. Ads placed at 2Wives.com are only from good, quality, serious people who unhesitatingly understand the importance of such support.
2.) The 2Wives.com system limits the placing of ads to only one ad per email address. By requiring only email addresses @ Pro-Polygamy.net, this more effectively prevents people from creating mass numbers of different ads of the same person. That gives greater quality and value to the ads which are placed.
3.) The 2Wives.com system provides greater security for people responding to ads. Not too many hostile imposters or anti-polygamists would be willing to go so far as to obtain an email address @ Pro-Polygamy.net. With that kind of assurance that just about no ads will be by faking anti-polygamists or imposters, that gives greater security and value to anyone responding to the ads which are placed.

I already have a Pro-Polygamy Passport ™, so how do I join?
When you begin the ordering process for a new 2Wives.com Membership, you will be asked to select an email address @ Pro-Polygamy.NET. Simply enter your existing email address @ Pro-Polygamy.NET in that form. It will then instruct you (by way of email) on how to proceed from there.

What is the 2Wives.com Members HELP Desk system?
The 2Wives.com Members HELP Desk system is a ticket-support system, exclusively for 2Wives.com Members. It is for helping to resolve or address problems, technological issues, and even cancelling Membership (if requested). Members are able to View their existing open tickets or to Open a new ticket for support. Each ticket allows the Member to follow their questions and responses in thread, as applicable until the ticket is closed. Although the system is not for simple correspondence, it is a powerful means for providing support for Members when they need it. For easy use, the 2Wives.com Members HELP Desk, link is located near the top-right corner of the web-pages in the Members segment.

Is my Members Help Desk LOG-IN the same as for my 2Wives.com Membership
Yes. When you log in to the 2Wives.com Members HELP Desk system, you will need to first enter your Membership access information again. Once there, you will need to "Register" the first time in order to be "in" that system. When "registering," the system will automatically fill in the form-items for you, using your 2Wives.com Membership access UserName & Password. Any time after that, you simply log in to the 2Wives.com Members HELP Desk system with that same log in information.

How do I cancel my Membership?
You may use the 2Wives.com Members HELP Desk to request a cancellation. After logging in to the HELP Desk system, simply Open a new Help ticket. Be sure to select the "Cancel Membership" option in the pull-down menu. As a safety back-up before we act on your request, please also write any comments or questions about your cancellation-request in that ticket. (That way, if anything had happened for you, and if we are able to solve that problem for you which might help you want to remain as a member, this will provide you a safety backup from your Membership being cancelled prematurely.)

I cancelled my Membership early, why don't I still have access?
When you cancel the recurring payment-processing for an existing Membership at 2Wives.com, you effectively cancel your Membership completely right then and there. If your email address @ Pro-Polygamy.NET was ordered through your cancelled-membership, that address is also effectively cancelled at the time you cancel the recurring-payment processing for the Membership. The 2Wives.com system does not "babysit" cancelled Memberships in order to "remember" to otherwise effectively cancel the membership access at some later expected "expiration" date. (There is no such thing as an "expiration" date of Membership at 2Wives.com -- there are only recurring dates of ongoing Membership renewals.) The system here just cancels the entire Membership access (etc) all at the same time (or soon after) the recurring payment-processing is cancelled (or requested to be cancelled) by the particular Member. To explain more fully, payments made for Membership mean that you are allowed to have access (and that special email address) only for as long as your recurring-payment processing for that Membership remains open, in whichever incremental time-period for recurring payments are set to recur. It does not mean that 2Wives.com (or Pro-Polygamy.NET, for that matter) owe you any exact length of Membership. As long as the recurring-payment system is open for your Membership, your access (and email address) remain valid. If you cancel that early, though, then if there might have been any time remaining which you could have otherwise still had left for access (and use of the email address), you are the one who is exclusively choosing to effectively cancel your Membership access (and email address @ Pro-Polygamy.NET) at that same time you choose to cancel the recurring-payment processing of the Membership. For anyone who wants to cancel their existing Membership before the next recurring-payment occurs, but who does not want to cancel it too early, it is recommended that such cancellation be made/requested at least 5 business days before the next-scheduled recurring-payment would otherwise occur.

May I upgrade my current Membership to a longer renewal time-period and lower rate?
Yes! Simply order a new Membership for the longer renewal time-period and lower rate. After that, once you have that new Membership all created, cancel your previous Membership for the shorter time-period. (This is a valid option whether upgrading from 1-Month renewals or longer.) Be aware that if you do not cancel the previous Membership in time, though, you may find yourself being charged for two Memberships. (While that is not a problem if you do indeed want that, but most likely, you are probably only seeking to have one Membership be active -- so make sure to cancel the older one.) Also, due to the system's automation, there will not be any pro-rated extension to the new Membership for any amount of time which might have otherwise seemed to have remained on the old, cancelled Membership. Because of that, you will want to make sure that you start these Membership-changeover steps about 5 - 10 business days before the recurring payment-processing for the intended-to-be-cancelled Membership is set to charge for payment again. But if it does not matter to you to retain the old Membership active for as long as possible before cancelling it, then you may certainly begin the changover steps at any time. Special NOTE -- When you try to create a new Membership using an existing email address @ Pro-Polygamy.NET, the system will instruct you on how to join (again) using that existing email address @ Pro-Polygamy.NET. Doing so, though, will give you an altered UserName.

How do I create my Ad?

[1] In order to create your own Ad, you must have your own email address @ Pro-Polygamy.net.

[2] If you are not yet a 2Wives.com Member, then you may only create an Ad in the PUBLIC Segment. But if you are a current 2Wives.com Member, then you may also create another Ad in the password-protected MEMBERS Segment. (Or, if you prefer, you may choose to not place an Ad in the PUBLIC Segment if you only want one in the MEMBERS Segment.)

[3] Determine which "Seeking" grouping which pertains to you. Single Men place their Ads in the "Single Men Seeking" sections. Married Families place their Ads in the "Married Families Seeking" sections. Single Women's Ads will only appear in the MEMBERS Segment, so Single Women must Request to have an Ad at this URL here.

[4] Once you have surfed to your own chosen Segment and applicable "Seeking" grouping, click the "Add your Profile" link in Segments part of the page.

[5] On the resulting page, read the special notice and, if you agree, click the the "I agree!!" button.

[6] Fill out the form to place your Ad. You will also be creating your own password to later let you edit your Ad at a later time. (Choose whatever you want for your Ad-password). When all set, click the "Preview Profile" button.

[7] It will then show you what your Ad will look like. If your Ad is ready, click the "Save profile" button.

[8] On the resulting page, you may then locate your Ad, using either the "Search for Ads" or "Browse all Ads" links.

[9] You may edit (or remove) your Ad at any time afterward.

[10] Once your Ad is created, then you will want to be sure to Order your Picture to be placed in your Ad.

How do I Edit my Ad (or LOG IN to it)?

[1] In order to edit your own Ad, you must first actually have an ad. (You cannot edit what does not yet exist.)

[2] Determine which "Seeking" grouping pertains to you. Single Men Ads are in the "Single Men Seeking" sections. Married Families Ads are in the "Married Families Seeking" sections. Single Womens Ads may not be directly edited.

[3] In the "Seeking" section where your Ad exists, click the Segments button at the top to get to the Segments part of the page.

[4] Once you have surfed to your own chosen Segment and applicable "Seeking" grouping, click the "Edit Your Ad" link.

[5] On the resulting page, click the Edit ad button at the top. Then enter your complete email address @ Pro-Polygamy.net and enter the AD-password you made when you first created your ad.

[6] When all set, click the "Enter my profile" button.

[7] It will then show you what your Ad will look like. (Here is where you will see the link to order your pictures too.) Make the changes only to what you want to edit. (It will remember those things that you do not edit.) Once your your Ad is ready to be saved in the edited form, click the "Edit my profile" button.

[8] Once your Ad is created and edited, then you will want to be sure to also Order your Picture to be placed in your Ad. To do that, log back in to your ad ad the click the green button to Order Picture NOW -->.

May I have more than one Ad?
No. The 2Wives.com system only allows one email address per segment. The only way "around" that is to obtain more than one email address @ Pro-Polygamy.net. 2Wives.com will not disallow anyone doing that, though.

May I have one Ad in the Public Segment and one in the Members Segment?
Yes, if you are a 2Wives.com Member. Your email address will show in the Public Segment Ad, though. The two ads must be in the same "seeking" groupings, one in the Public Segment and one in the Members Segment. Otherwise, one or both of the Ads may be deleted by 2Wives.com.

How do I hide my email address in my Ad Profile?
Become a 2Wives.com Member. Email addresses are not shown in the Members Segment ads. (They are shown in the Public Segment ads, though.) The 2Wives.com system allows Members browsing in the Members Segment to send ad-reply emails through the system, without revealing the Ad's own email address.

Does the email system for 2Wives.com or Pro-Polygamy.NET ever use "attachments?"
No. Never. While 2Wives.com will receive ordered pictures via "attachment," 2Wives.com will never send out "attachments" - and neither will Pro-Polygamy.NET. The use of "attachments" in emails presents a very serious computer virus/security risk for most people. For your protection, therefore, 2Wives.com and Pro-Polygamy.NET will never send you an email that has an "attachment." If you ever do receive such an email, though, which does have an "attachment" and which claims to be coming from either 2Wives.com or Pro-Polygamy.NET, please DO NOT OPEN IT. In such a case, it is a fraud, it did not come from these sites, and it most likely is an anti-polygamist trying to attack you with a computer virus. Additionally, when people respond to any Ad you place, the system makes it impossible for an "attachment" to be added when they contact you that way. (Of course, if you reply back to any ad-responder, allowing them to email you directly, then they may be able to send you "attachments" -- even through your passport forwarding email address @ Pro-Polygamy.NET. So please be aware, for your sake.)

May I give the URL for my PUBLIC Segment Ad anywhere on the internet?
Yes, by all means. Surf to the Ad you created for yourself in the PUBLIC Segment. The URL you then see in your browser's address-line is the URL of your specific Ad. Feel free to cut&paste that URL to then use it anywhere else you go on the internet (e.g., chatrooms, etc.).

My email address no longer works, how do I get my password?
Regarding your Ad Profile's password, do whatever you have to do to get your email address @ Pro-Polygamy.net working again, so that the system will email it to you. You have no other alternative. Maintaining your email address @ Pro-Polygamy.net as a working email address is solely your responsibility. 2Wives.com, at its sole discretion, retains the unquestioned right to terminate and remove any Ad which uses an invalid or non-working email address @ Pro-Polygamy.net.

Is there any way to change my password?
No. You may Remove your Ad Profile, though, so that you may then create a new Ad with a new Password.

How do I remove my Ad Profile?
The "Remove Profile" function is available to you when you "Edit" your Ad Profile.

In my Ad, may I use the webpage field for an off-site pic?
No (except as excepted, as explained in this paragraph here). The webpage field is only for actual websites. They are not for personal ads/profiles sites elsehere on the internet. Use your Ad at 2Wives.com to tell about yourself. If you want a picture to show in your Ad, you will need to proceed through the steps to Order your Picture placed in your Ad. As well, if you really, really want to include an URL to another profile elsewhere, 2Wives.com may consider permitting an exception to this rule on an each individual basis, only AFTER you have successfully Ordered your Picture first and it has been fully installed. (At least then, we will know you are honestly not trying to bypass the 2Wives.com system.)

In my Ad, may I use a slogan or other words besides my name(s)?
No. In order to keep it as unbiased and fair as possible, it is necessary that only names be used in the name field. Otherwise, it creates an unsearchable "competition" for slogans and catchphrases that all begin the "A."

I had an Ad, but it got deleted. Why?
While that can happen due to a number of different possible reasons, most of the time, it will occur due to one of the following situations.
1.) If your email address @ Pro-Polygamy.net is no longer functioning, the system will purge the AD. It is your sole responsibility to keep that "Pro-Polygamy Passport ™" current and functioning.
2.) If the AD contains unsuitable content (and/or link-outs) for this family-friendly web-site, the AD will be purged. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your AD content (et al) is acceptable.

When responding to the single women's ads, I gave another email address. Why won't they reply back to me?
When you ask a single woman to reply back to any address except your new Member's user email address @ Pro-Polygamy.NET, she has no reason to trust you. Typically, the only ones who try to do that are "crafty devils" who quickly join as a 2Wives.com Member in order to then quit just as quickly. These "crafty devils" mistakenly think that if they pass on their own "real" email address to all the single women, then they wrongly believe that they no longer need to pay for the web-site, to support both its work and polygamy rights. Single women see right through that obvious "scam." They know that anyone who would do that shows right away that he is the kind of man they could never trust - or ever want to marry. It also shows them that such "crafty devils" are not really serious in the long-term for finding a special wife. Because marriage is a very special and life-long commitment, single women want nothing do with those kind of short-term-thinking "crafty devils." So, we very much support and advise single women to ignore all emails that do that. That is why we advise all Members to only use their special email addresses. (When a relationship develops later, though, then that is the appropriate time for exchanging "real" addresses, of course.)

How do I contact anyone at 2Wives.com?
First, plase make sure that your question is not already answered in this FAQ. Once you have made sure of that, then you may use the form at the bottom of all pages here at 2Wives.com to
Send a message to the Admin.

I used an inappropriate form to try to contact you, why didn't you reply?
It is your responsibility to use the appropriate forms for contacting anyone at 2Wives.com. Any messages sent through forms which are otherwise specifically intended for other purposes will be ignored.

I used the correct form to try to contact you, why didn't you reply?
That may happen for a variety of possibile reasons. For one example, if you asked a question that is already answered in this FAQ, you will likely not receive a reply. For another example, if you sought personal correspondence, then it is up to the sole discretion of the recipient of your message as to whether or not they choose to reply or not. (2Wives.com is neither a "Q & A" nor personal-dialog web-site.) Another possible reason might be that the message included hostile, unacceptable, or offensive content. But any message which we at 2Wives.com deem as valid and which is not already answered in the FAQ may otherwise likely receive a reply.



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